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PT Pertamina (Persero) | Experienced Positions | June 2011

In Lowongan 2011, Lowongan Juni 2011 on June 3, 2011 at 2:08 pm

PT Pertamina (Persero) seeks extraordinarily talented individuals who share our values and has passion in becoming part of the great team to accomplish our extraordinary vision: to become a world class national oil and gas company. Turn your ideas and creativity into solutions. Discover all the challenging works, all the places you can work, all the diverse people you can collaborate with and all the problems you can help to solve. We invite you to explore it all.

We have upstream to downstream oil, gas and geothermal operations. We have exploration, refining, distribution to retail marketing and sales. Now, we are not only operate through out Indonesia but also overseas. We are moving fast through transformation programs. Imagine the changes and challenges, work opportunities and experience where you can pursue goals, develop new capabilities and skills, change career path and explore new opportunities.

Currently we are opening positions for those experienced candidates as follows.

Available Positions:
Closing Date: 12 June 2011

  • Senior Analyst, Evaluation & Monitoring
  • Officer, HR Information System & Communication (HRISC)
  • Senior Analyst, Organization
  • Senior Analyst, Competency Development
  • Senior Analyst, HR Audit
  • Senior Analyst, Industrial Relation
  • Senior Analyst, Organizational Development
  • Analyst, Manpower & Career Planning
  • Senior Officer, Individual Development Program
  • Senior Officer, Overseas Development Program
  • Ast. Man. e-learning & Information
  • Lead Instructor I
  • Lead Instructor II
  • Senior Instructor I
  • Ast. Market Review
  • Ast. Proficiency Program Sales
  • Lead Instructor I ā€“ HSE TC
  • Lead Instructor II ā€“ HSE TC
  • Analyst, Planning & Development
  • Analyst, DSA Ventures Technical Evaluation
  • Analyst, ERA Ventures Commercial Evaluation
  • Analyst, MEA Ventures Technical Evaluation
  • Analyst, Integrated Strategic Planning Implementation
  • Analyst, Project Performance & Optimization
  • Analyst, Startegic Planning
  • Analyst, Upstream Evaluation Growth
  • Assistant, Audit Subsidiary
  • Assistant, Data Support
  • Assistant, Transformation & Quality Management
  • Assistan Manager, Business Strategic & Evaluation
  • Assistant Manager, Commercial
  • Assistant Manager, Operational Risk
  • Assistant Manager, Strategic Planning & Evaluation
  • Assistant, Marketing & Contract
  • Junior Analyst, Gas Marketing
  • Assistant Manager, Investment & Financial
  • Analyst, Portfolio Risk
  • Cementing Specialist
  • Well Completion Specialist
  • Seismic Data Processing Specialist
  • Regional Geologist Specialist
  • Structural Geologist Specialist
  • Analyst Opportunities Appraisal
  • Assistant Manager, New Energy
  • Assistant Manager Gas Pricing
  • Analyst Gas Pricing
  • Building Planner
  • Civil Routine Planning Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Instrument & Elec Con Mon Engineer
  • Instrument Engineer
  • Instrument PM Engineer
  • Piping & Stationary Engineer
  • Plan Routine Senior Planning Engineer
  • PM & CM Planner
  • RE Con Mon Engineer
  • RE Engineer Non Process Area
  • RE Routine Planning Engineer
  • Rotating Engineer
  • Scheduling Senior Supervisor
  • Stationary Engineer
  • System SAP (MMNH) Expert
  • Primary Process Plant Reliability Expert
  • Rotating Equipment Reliability Expert
  • Stationary Equipment Reliability Expert
  • Civil T/A Planning Engineer
  • Electrical & Instrument O/H Planning Engineering
  • Electrical T/A Planning Engineer
  • Instrument T/A Planning Engineer
  • Mechanical T/A Planning Engineer
  • Mechanical O/H Planning Engineer
  • RE O/H Planning Engineer
  • Assistant Procedure & Master Data Mgmt
  • Junior Officer Custom Duty & Distribution
  • Physical Check & Material Code Supervisor
  • Administration Purchasing Supervisor
  • Expediting & Adm. Senior Supervisor
  • Contract Senior Supervisor
  • OH Material Buyer
  • System & Procedure Sr Supervisor
  • Buyer Chemical
  • Procurement Supervisor
  • Legal Councel Fuel Distribution & Project Management
  • Legal Councel Petroleum Product & Business Development
  • Senior Supervisor, Contract, Litigation & Legal Advice
  • Legal Councel Crude & Product
  • Legal Councel Finance & Business Development
  • Legal Councel Gas & Transportation
  • Legal Councel General Affairs
  • Assistant Manager, Contract & Legal Advisor General Affairs
  • Assistant Manager, Contract & Legal Advisor Crude & Product
  • Assistant Manager, Contract & Legal Advisor Business Development
  • Assistant Manager, Contract & Legal Advisor Strategic Planning & Subsidiary Mgt
  • Assistant Manager, Contract & Legal Advisor Supporting
  • Legal Councel Strategic Planning & Subsidiary Mgt
  • Legal Councel Supporting
  • Legal Councel Research & Development
  • Legal Councel Research & Development
  • Assistant Manager, Legal Research & Development
  • Assistant Manager, Legal Information & Documentation System

Application Procedure:
For those interested candidates, please apply online in the following link.

Online Application Pertamina


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