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PT Perkebunan Nusantara XII (Persero) | Staff Recruitment for 2011 | June 2011

In Lowongan 2011, Lowongan Juni 2011 on June 25, 2011 at 5:00 am

PT Perkebunan Nusantara XII (Persero), hereinafter referred to PTPN XII, is a State-owned Enterprise with the overall status of a Limited Liability Company owned by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. PTPN XII established under the PP number 17 in 1996, stated in the notarial document Harun Kamil, SH number 45 dated March 11, 1996 and approved by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia with SK-8340 C.2 number HT.01.01 dated August 8, 1996.

Deed of amendment number 62 company on May 24, 2000 made ​​by the notary Justisia Soetandio, SH and authorized the Minister of Law and Legislation of the Republic of Indonesia Decree No.. C. HT 22 950 1:04 2000. Furthermore, the Notary Act No. 62 was changed to Certificate Number 30 Notary Adjie Habib, SH., M. Hum dated August 16, 2008.

Our vision is to become an integrated agribusiness company plantations and has a competitive advantage (competitive advantage) through innovation so that they can grow and develop by applying the principles of good corporate governance and have concern for the environment to enhance value for shareholders and other stakeholders.

We invite potential workers are persistent, tenacious, willing to work hard, dare to face challenges, motivated, and have integrity, to join the PTP Nusantara XII (Persero), which has a working area of ​​the East Java region, with an educational background as follows:

  1. S1 Agriculture Department from any major (TAN)
  2. S1 Agricultural Technology (TTP)
  3. S1 Forestry Program Forest Management (Code: HUT)
  4. S1 Mechanical Engineering Program of Energy Conversion Engineering (MES)
  5. S1 Industrial Engineering Program (IND)
  6. S1 Mechanical Engineering Program Electrical Power Lines (Elk)
  7. S1 Economic Accounting Department (AKT)
  8. S1 Economic Management Department (MNJ)
  9. S1 Law Concentration Agrarian Law (HKM)

Application Procedure:
For those interested candidates, further information can be view in the following web address.


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