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Lowongan Kerja Bank Indonesia – Sekretaris Deputi Pemimpin Bank Indonesia

In Lowongan 2011, Lowongan Juni 2011 on June 30, 2011 at 1:44 am

As an independent state institution, Bank Indonesia is fully autonomous in formulating and implementing each of its task and authority as stipulated in the Act. External parties are strictly prohibited from interfering with Bank Indonesia’s implementation of its tasks, and Bank Indonesia has the duty to refuse or disregard any attempt of interference in any form by any party.
Such unique status and position are necessary so that Bank Indonesia can implement its role and function as monetary authority more effectively and efficiently.

It takes a Honorer Labor As A Sekretaris Deputi Pemimpin Bank Indonesia Yogyakarta


  • Woman
  • WNI
  • Aged 27 years maximum
  • Education min D3, GPA minm 3:00
  • Mastering Microsoft Office applications
  • English Active
  • Experience as a secretary or administrative staff of at least 1 year
  • Able and willing to maintain the confidentiality of the documents of Bank Indonesia

plusnya value: if there is internal recruitment could be nominated
If you are interested in a job above and have the requirements according to criteria mentioned above, please see more info via the link below.


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